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ESA/BNSC report on Beagle 2 Enquiry

26-May-04 8:30 GMT


Statement from Colin Pillinger following the ESA/BNSC Inquiry into the fate of Beagle 2

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At the press conference held by BNSC and ESA on 24 May to announce the Beagle 2 inquiry recommendations, Colin Pillinger refuted suggestions that the Beagle 2 project management were to blame for the loss of Beagle 2. Praising everyone in the team from the scientists and engineers who carried out the design, building and testing, the mission and industrial project managers who oversaw the process and the senior management who backed the project throughout, he said it was time to move on.

He called on ESA to live up to their proud boast of “always standing by fallen comrades” and make an early decision regarding a follow-up to Beagle 2.

He asked Lord Sainsbury to ensure that money became available for a reflight from the Government review of science spending and to give the country a lasting legacy in the form of a British Space Agency.

With these actions together ESA and BNSC could ensure that the world-class science offered by Beagle 2 could be recovered.

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