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More congratulations to NASA!

The team sends its very best wishes to the Mars Exploration Rover team at NASA, whose second rover Opportunity has landed without a hitch on Mars this morning.

Posted by: Beagle 2 Team25-Jan-04 08:11:28

Fingers crossed for troubled Spirit

The Beagle 2 team wish to express their best wishes and full support for the NASA MER team, who are having communications trouble with the Spirit Rover. We hope they regain contact soon. (Picture courtesy of NASA)


Posted by: Beagle 2 Team22-Jan-04 19:51:04

First pictures back from the High Resolution cameras on Mars Express

Although the Mars Express instruments are still undergoing calibration checks, the High Resolution Stereo Camera has already started sending back spectacular 3D colour pictures of the martian surface.

(Picture courtesy of ESA)


Posted by: Beagle 2 Team19-Jan-04 19:07:51

The press fill the room to hear Beagle news

As the media gathered to hear news of the first attempt to contact Beagle 2 via Mars Express, latecomers spilled out into the corridors of the packed briefing room demonstrating the continued public interest in the project.

pressbriefing Posted by: Beagle 2 Team07-Jan-04 16:49:25

Congratulations to NASA

NASA’s Spirit rover successfully touched down on the surface of Mars early this morning. The first pictures from the onboard camera have been beamed back, the one below courtesy of NASA TV.


Posted by: Beagle 2 Team03-Jan-04 08:31:14

Good luck to Spirit

The Beagle 2 team wish NASA’s MER team all the best with the landing of the Spirit rover tomorrow morning GMT (8.35pm PST 3rd January 2004).

Posted by: Beagle 2 Team03-Jan-04 14:28:53

Happy New Year from the Beagle 2 Team

2003 has been a very busy year for the Beagle team and we are hoping that 2004 will be even more so!

Posted by: Beagle 2 Team01-Jan-04 00:00:01